Today’s my son’s first ABA therapy session. It feels like sending him to school. We arrived at the clinic a couple of minutes late (traffic was really awful in the morning). So he met his therapist, he greeted him with a smile and he waved his hand and said hi. My son is definitely improving on eye contact especially if he’s saying bye or hi.

We went inside the room, he was a little bit shy but when he saw the toys, he immediately relaxed. First day is for getting-to-know kind of play therapy session. I also decided to stay in the observation room to watch him play and get along with his therapist. He played with ball, shapes, numbers and alphabet puzzles, trains and train tracks, blocks. He didn’t like the texture of play dough so that ended pretty quickly. He always return for shapes and reciting colors.

It was almost a 4 hour session and I admire the patience of his therapist. My son too did a great job! No meltdowns, he was just basically enjoying his time there.

They are recommending 40 hours of therapy but with my husband and my schedule we only have 20 hours available for now. They can also do the therapy at our house but we decided to do the session at their clinic. In that way, there are more resources available. So yeah, hopefully everything will turn out great.


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