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I was using the 6″ kindle with no screen light which gives me a hard time reading at night. I ended up buying a book lamp so I can clip it to my kindle which works just fine. My husband just told me to get the kindle paperwhite so I don’t have to bring the book lamp all the time.

I am so glad I waited because this all-new kindle paperwhite is now waterproof! Now I can bring it with me by the pool or at the beach without worrying about it getting wet. The battery lasts for about a week for me if I am reading for about 4-6 hours a day. So far, no problem while reading under the sun. I can adjust the lighting at night so it won’t hurt my eyes. I keep my screen light to 4 and maybe that’s a factor too why my battery lasts longer and also even if the wifi is on. The storage is a plus, I have 8gb and just for books that’s a lot. Also, this is Bluetooth ready so you can pair your headphones or portable speakers.


The paperwhite is also great for people who love listening to audible books. I haven’t tried any audible books yet but my husband does. So maybe one day I’ll try and see if I’ll like it.


For my old kindle, I bought a case but with the paperwhite, I’d like to hold it naked while I’m reading so I just bought a thin leather sleeve which works just fine. I just have to make sure I don’t drop it otherwise it’ll not turn good because the leather case doesn’t have enough cushion or protection.

This kindle is a really good amazon find. Grab yours now!


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