Good morning! Woke up a little early than usual (on my days off) since I had to bring my son to his therapy. My son slept early yesterday so he woke up pretty early too today!

Had to bundle up because I am always cold and plus the temperature outside earlier was 50 degrees but it felt like 38 degrees because of the wind. Had my ugg boots on, parka and my beannie. My son was wearing his bogs boots and his puffer jacket. Yes, we were set and the bus was few minutes late. Fortunately, we didn’t miss the train so we still arrived on time.

Sitting inside a warm, cozy cafe and just sipping white chocolate mocha and eating a bagel with cream cheese. This is definitely a me time that I rarely have (expect when I am at work). This is the kind of morning I have today. Plus, I have some reading to do which makes my day goes a little bit faster. This winter weather is not my most favorite but I got to deal with it. Lol

So, how’s your morning like today?

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