Late greeting here. Had to work today and my morning was crazy busy but fortunately, my day got better in the afternoon. Today is Day 1 of 3. So here is my late Thanksgiving greeting! I just want to share the things I am really thankful for…

I am thankful for:

  1. Having a healthy family. Some of you probably have seen my post about my son being diagnose with Autism but I am still thankful that he is healthy.
  2. Having a healthy relationship with my husband. Five years and counting! I don’t know what will I do without him.
  3. My job. Although this job can be really tough at times, this job helps me provide for my family.
  4. Having good friends. Quality vs Quantity. I have few friends and I know I can count on them when times get rough.
  5. Having enough money to put money into my son’s college savings fund. We started contributing this year and so far so good! Thankful that we are able to squeeze in contributions twice a month.
  6. Viber. Not sure if you guys are familiar with this app but this helps me keep in touch with my family in PH.
  7. Heater at home. I am always cold, so at this time of the year heat is my best friend. I cannot live without a heater!
  8. Being able to have the basic needs. According to Maslow, basic needs are: food, water, warmth, rest, security and safety.

So much things to write down but they are the top on my list. lol

Happy Thanksgiving again guys! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful evening with your loved ones.

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