It’s been two months already since my son was diagnosed with Autism and  yeah time flies so fast, right? He definitely improved a lot since. He is talking more and he can say a few 2 word syllables. He is pointing more and more but he still needs improvement on using one finger to use when pointing.

He loves shapes, colors, alphabets and numbers. He can now say “mama” again. I was so happy when I heard it again, well I was kind of teary eyed too. For some of you who doesn’t know, my son has had speech regression. He could say mama and daddy before but he stopped saying it when he turned 2. So his words are definitely coming and we are so glad that the interventions are truly helping him a lot. He is also making good eye contact now when he says hi or bye. The one major thing also is recognizing emotions. He still need improvement in this aspect but recently I see changes. Last week I got upset and was a little mad and he stood there looked at me and was holding back his tears while I explained to him what he did was not good. His dad told him to say sorry and he did do the sign language and he started kissing me and hugged me. That melt my heart. Before I got upset to him he would just either walk away and do his own thing or he’d smile or laugh.

He goes to ABA therapy for about 20 hours a week. Early intervention also comes to our house for 45 minutes once a week. And he also still go to his speech therapy once a week. I know it’s a lot of hours and I could tell it’s definitely paying off. It’s hard to juggle our schedule but we are doing it. We are just so thankful for all the people who work with him/us.

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