So last year, my goal was to read 50 books and I only read 22. Yeah, not even 50% of my goal. I had to study for my certification (which I passed) so I had to rest my kindle for a while.

This year, I put a goal that is more realistic and attainable. My goal is to read 25 books this year. I am currently reading I’ll be gone in the dark and that is my second book of the year already. Lots of new books out there that I am excited to read! I love James Patterson, Lee Child, David Baldacci and I am discovering other authors like Catherine Coulter. I love suspense, thriller and mystery.

I don’t bring my kindle at work. I don’t like bringing personal stuff at work except for my phone. I need to read more on my “me” time at home which means that’s when my son sleeps and unless I am already done with house chores. You just have to find time.

How about you, what’s your goal? Happy reading!


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