Winter is my least favorite season and my friends and co-workers know that. My husband bought me an electric blanket and I just so love it! Mine has 3 settings, low, med and high. I turn mine 10 minutes before I go to bed so it’ll be nice, warm and cozy.

However, I’ve read some information about pregnancy and electric blankets. Are they safe to use? Does this increase your body temperature? Does this increases the risk of having birth defects? First off, electric blankets emits a low frequency electromagnetic and they say may cause birth defects. These blankets are suppose to keep you warm, not hot. If you’re temperature went up to more than 101F, then there’s the danger in using it.

I even asked my OB about this and she said she think it’s fine. She said it’s almost the same electromagnetic field that our cellphones, laptops emit. But for my peace of my mind, even though I love my electric blanket, I stopped using it. I just turned it on 10 minutes before I go to bed to keep the mattress warm and I’ll turn it off when I go to bed. If you decide to use it, make sure it’s on the low setting enough just to keep you warm. And also, they advise to stop using it when you reach your 36th week just in case your water breaks at night which could potentially cause harm. Water and electricity don’t go well together.

Winter is almost quite over so I think I’ll be okay. I know I am being overly cautious, but you know, when you have a tiny human being growing inside you, you have to think about them first.

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