Being pregnant is not easy especially if you are working long hour shifts and you have to deal with morning sickness. That’s tough. This pregnancy is different from my first. I didn’t have morning sickness at all on my first and now is the total opposite. I feel nauseous like anytime of the day and dry heaving to the point that I cried one time because it was so uncomfortable and I was so frustrated. That morning, I really had to call in sick.I don’t like calling in sick plus I need to save my PTOs for my FMLA.

I opted to add a short term disability for this year because we’re planning to have our second child but they will not cover this one since my EDD is in September. According to the policy, it is not covered if you give birth within the first nine months after the coverage effective date. However, complications of a pregnancy will be covered to the same extent as any other covered sickness. I’m still keeping my STD for now.

Anyways, back to being pregnant at work, it’s almost a constant battle of nausea. I’m taking vitamin B6 which helps a little and saltine crackers are becoming my best friend lately. I always have some in my scrubs. My legs are still okay, but since I am prone to developing varicose veins, I would sit at the corner where I can lift my legs while I’m on break. I have compression socks but it’s nylon and it’s not comfortable so I am still looking for a good one.

It’s hard being pregnant but it is definitely worth it. I can endure anything for this tiny human being growing inside me.


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