We are a family of three as of now but soon we’ll become family of four. I love our house right now but our family is getting bigger thus we need a bigger space as well. The house we live in is 1,000 square feet with big front and backyard. I love the spacious yard but we also need a spacious indoor.

My family comes to visit me once a year for a few months and we want them to have their own space. Right now, we’re just crowded in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 1,000 sq ft house. Also, we want to move closer to good schools since our eldest will start school in a few years.

Finding the right home is hard. Our realtor said, the house must give our hearts a flutter and that once we see it, we could say to ourselves, “this is the one.” We started house shopping/hunting last month. There were some good potential houses but needed a lot of work still. Since we’re expecting baby number 2 soon, we want a house with minimal work if it’s a resale but if it’s a brand new house then the better.

Few weeks ago, we saw a model house for the floor plan that we initially wanted. But as soon as we enter that house, I knew that’s the one but the price was too much. I saw my husband’s face when we toured that house, I knew he loved it. My husband is more picky than me in regards to interior and designs. I told him before we started looking that my only 2 requirements are (a) it should have 4 bedrooms and (b) it should have a nice sized fenced backyard.

But then something happened that day and we found out that the house with the same floor plan is within our budget. Yay! I told my husband (because he’s the one crunching all the numbers) that if it’s doable, then it is for us. So yeah, we decided to go for it. Hope we get it.

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