Most of you probably know already that I came here in the US with no family. So yeah, it’s just me and I got married and now have a toddler and one on the way. But you know, I still do get homesick a lot.

Today, my brother and my cousin went back to PH after a long month vacation here and next week my mom and my niece. Just having your immediate family here whom you haven’t seen in a year just felt so nice. He would just fill our new house with his corny jokes and incredibly contagious laugh. My son loves and adores him 😍. I am just a little bit emotional because we moved into our new house which is bigger than our old one and I got used of having my noisy and perky brother here, my mom who cooks and prep my lunch for work and my niece who loves to play with my toddler. It kind of feel empty in this house without them. I don’t know, I’m too emotional recently maybe it’s the pregnancy hormone.

I hope they can come back here next year. Have to wait another 12 months…

Some days I wish I’m rich so we can visit home whenever we want and not worrying about budget and taking paid time off leaves. But reality sucks. Have to work harder and save money. There’s no easy route in this life.

We miss you already brother! 😭

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