It’s been while since I post an update regarding my son’s speech. As some of you know, my son had a delayed speech which propmted me to seek doctor’s advice and found out that he has autism last year.

He is still on speech therapy once a week and then ABA therapy 5 days a week. It was hectic but definitely worth it. I can see my son’s improvement in his speech. Now he’s speaking 3-4 words like “what is that mama?”, “I see train.” “Buy donuts and french fries.” That was indeed a huge improvement. He is talking a lot now which is terrific. He can say whether he is happy, sad or scared. He gets less frustrated now that he can communicate to us better. His speech therapist is working on “who, what, when, where” questions. My son still gets confused sometimes so to practice we have been reaading books and asking those “wh” questions. His speech therapist have been there from the very beginning and she could tell me that Tanner is really doing awesome.

His ABA therapy is a work in progress too. When we moved in to our new house, he did not want to go to his therapy sessions. He would cry as soon as he saw the door and he wouldn’t leave my side as soon as we got there but that’s all resolved now. He love going there again. Tuesdays and Thursdays are social group day which he loves the most. He has a friend there whom he loves playing and running with. One problem we see with Tanner is when I am talking with someone, he likes interrupting in a way where he would sometimes scream. So they are working on that as well.

Now he’s into planets. He knows the 8 planets and some descriptions of each. He’s a smart kid. When my brother, he was teaching Tanner how to write and read some words. Then they stumbled upon a picture of planets and that’s where it all started. So when we went to space needle, I bought him a 3D picture of planet which he really loves.

I am just so happy he is slowly getting there. No regrets of getting him into early intervention. Now I see it is slowly paying off and I am one proud mom here!

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