Having a healthy weight during pregnancy is very important for the mother and for the baby. You should ask your doctor of what is right weight gain for you because it depends on your weight before you got pregnant.

A slow and steady weight gain is the best. I remember on my first pregnancy, I gained almot 50 lbs which was a lot. This time I’m doing better, just gaining the right amount of weight and I feel good about it. I do not usually feel tired. I gained more more weight on my last trimester and that was when my strech marks showed up like crazy! They say, women tend to gain most of their weight in the second and third trimester.

It’s not necessary to “eat for two”, you just need some extra calories (300 healthy calories) a day.

If you notice that you are gaining too much, you will also feel tired most of the time or you could have a harder pregnancy or birth. You should adjust your diet a little bit. Like eating fewer fats and sugar or you could also keep a diet diary so you can keep track of your food inatke. Don’t diet because you might not get enough nutrients. Exercise if you can and as long as there are no activity restrictions provided by your doctor. But if you’re not gaining enough weight, make sure you get enough calcium, protein and carbohydrates. Eat healthy meals and snacks and do not skip meals. Avoid unhealthy foods that are high in salt and sugar.

Talk to you doctor if you have any eatong disorders or if you have problems eating certain foods. Better to get help early so you’ll be able to find resources that will help you throughout your pregnancy.

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