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Our Avent sterilizer4 in 1 steam bottle sterilizer stopped working. It was gifted to us for my first son and it was perfectly working until 3 days ago. So I was on the hunt of buying another electric or microwave sterilizer.

After reading some of the reviews, I decided to go buy the microwave sterilizer simply because it’ll take only 2 minutes and it saves energy! I was torn between Dr. Brown’s Microwave Sterilizer and the Munchkin Steam Guard. These two are on sale which was the best thing ever. They are both great but I decided to go with the Munchkin because it is a little bit cheaper and it has 71% 5 star rating. I always look on the reviews before I buy anything. 🙂

Munchkin Steam Guard Sterilizer

I first used it last night and it was the best! Only 2 minutes and my bottles were done. You have to wait 10 minutes though to cool it down before you can remove it from the microwave (prevents you from burning yourself). We use Dr. Brown’s bottles (we have 2, 4 and 8oz) and they fit. For me it fits 3 8oz and 2 4 oz bottles. Also, it comes with a small heat resistant tongs.

For mom who are still deciding which one to buy electric or microwave sterilizer, maybe you can try this first and it’s a lot cheaper.

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