Before giving birth I already told my doctor that I really want to breastfeed my baby. But I really had a hard time on my first child. He could not latch. I saw the lactation nurse multiple times and showed me several techniques that hopefully would help but still failed.

This time, my doctor gave a medela nipple inverter weeks before my due date and I was hoping that it would help and yes it did – a little. I was exclusively breastfeeding my newborn until on his 4th day. I was not producing enough milk. I also had mastitis and that really hurt. He only had one bowel movement since we were discharged from the hospital and he was more jaundiced. We ended up going to urgent care to have his bilirubin checked and thank goodness it came back normal. I am supplementing breast milk with infant formula with iron.

Before we discharged, the doctor asked me what type of birth control I prefer so I told her since I used depo shots before, I would just stick to that. She told me that it would not affect my milk supply so I agreed to have the shot before I left. However it kept me thinking when my milk supply got low, so I googled it and some of the sites said that yes, it affects the mom’s milk supply. I am not sure if they are co-related or not. Right now with the help of some lactation cookies, brownies and chocolate lactation powder, I am producing more milk and hopefully, will soon discontinue the formula – that’s the pediatrician’s advice. The baby is doing great, he gained a pound since he was born (YEY!) and he is definitely getting bigger.

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