My 3 week old little angel is doing great. He’s eating, peeing, pooping and sleeping. 🙂 The two things though that bothers me a little bit (although I know it doesn’t bother him) are his baby acne and cradle cap which showed a week after he was born.

Plus the fact that his skin is also peeling, they just happened all at the same freaking time. His cradle cap is on his eyebrows and the acne are on his cheeks, neck and forehead. He is not picture perfect right now but he is definitely still looks adorable.

So what is cradle cap? In layman’s term it’s called baby’s dandruff but you don’t treat it with anti dandruff shampoos. You also don’t put ointment on it. Baby acne and cradle cap goes away on it’s own. His pediatrician said it’ll be gone in a few weeks. She advised us to only wash with gentle soap and water daily and pat it dry.She assured me that these don’t hurt.

If your baby has these two, relax moms. They are harmless and they will go away. But if you are unsure if it’s a rash or acne or you’re not positive if it’s cradle cap, make sure you call your bay’s doctor to have your baby checked.

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