My first born is three and a half years old now and yup, full of energy. My biggest worry before I gave birth was, how is he going to take it all in. So we kind of prepared him a little bit and I guess it worked.

The first week was the hardest part, he was jealous and was always trying to get my attention. He doesn’t want to see me holding his brother. But we work him through it. Every time I change his brother’s diaper, I make sure he participates in a little way like getting the diaper or throwing the dirty diapers to the trash can. Simple tasks like that I think makes him feel involved too.

That worked well for us. Now, when his brother cries, he would say, “Mom faster, pick him up on his bed.” He loves to take pictures with the little one. He told me his brother is his friend and that he wants to play with him already. My heart is so full. Just looking at him now, I know he would be a great big brother.


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