I woke up this morning with sad breaking news that Taal Volcano started to spew ashes, now on alert level 4 and the impending doom that we are hoping not happen is just a matter of hours. 

It is like a bomb waiting to explode anytime. I feel like mother nature is telling us, it’s payback time. We are taking her for granted and not conserving what should have been protected – our nature.

I hope they will be able to evacuate ALL before it erupts. I don’t like seeing news like this with casualties. I know the government is doing the best they can to help our countrymen that are affected. My heart goes to the families especially those with young children. At a young age, experiencing all that can be traumatizing.  Having kids on my own, I can tell that every parent’s wish is that their kids to not experience anything like this. But when nature strikes, it doesn’t who you are or how old you are.

I am sending prayers. Please spare my countrymen, Lord. Keep everyone safe.

Featured Photo credit: Ogie Alcasid on Instagram

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