I haven’t updated you guys about my son’s progress on his ABA and Speech therapies. It’s been 2 years now since we started the ABA therapy and just last week they told us that he is ready.

Basically, my son is meeting all the goals and he definitely has improved a lot so they deemed that he will not need ABA therapy for long. So starting next month, they will only do ABA therapy twice a week and then in April, it is going to be only a parent conference to see how our son is doing. If he is regressing then they will add more hours. If he continues to improve, he will graduate in May! Early diagnosis and early intervention are the key.

We were overwhelmed when he was diagnosed with ASD and two years later here we are. We are happy and at the same time a little scared. I am praying that he will do well in preschool. He’s a very smart kid.

Our boy is growing up so fast. I’m praying that he will be surrounded by a lot of good people and a lot of love wherever he goes.

So proud of you, Tanner!

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