If you are also like me who are into crafting, and you have to use several different fonts or svg files for your business and do not know where to get them, this post is for you.

When you go to Esty and you found a listing that you like you’ll find yourself asking, “where do they get those cute, script, elegant fonts?” Let me tell you, I’ve been there. I had to google a lot for some specific fonts and one day I came across Creative Fabrica and oh boy, I was so happy I found this website. They have font bundles that are really cheap! Like this one for $8 only, which I use also in my business.


If you need SVG or cutting files, they have it there too!

Note: the bundles are for limited time only and will expire soon so hurry and get yours today!

They do have free fonts freebies too, so you really might want to check it out.

Having a number of options for fonts is great for business or even just for school projects. The SVG files are amazing if you want your DIY projects or small business to stand out!

Happy crafting!

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