Sometimes, homesickness will hit you unexpectedly. I was watching TFC and all of a sudden I was craving for Filipino food particularly Jollibee, ginataang munggo and lumpiang toge which I usually buy at my hometown’s market.

Jollibee is a very well-known fast food chain in the Philippines and very much loved by the Filipinos. I love their burger steak, spaghetti and crispylicious chicken joy. I usually add fries to my meals and dip it on the gravy or on to my chocolate sundae. Yum! I know it does sounds weird but it tastes really good.

Moving here in Oregon few years ago, and having been home only once since, homesickness really hits! The closest Jollibee here is 3 hours away which sucks and you just have to deal with it and drive there for the sake of satisfying your cravings. I haven’t had Jollibee in almost 3 years and my craving for it went through the roof during pandemic. My husband will cook me a Filipino style spaghetti which was really tasty but I was still looking for that authentic sweet spaghetti from Jollibee.

So one of my friends went to Seattle and asked me if I wanted anything at Seafood City, of course I said I wanted Jollibee! I feel like a kid waiting for my parents to come home for some presents (haha!). I was working on the day they dropped the goodies at home so as soon I arrived home, lo and behold – I could smell a familiar scent.

I used an air fryer to re-heat the chicken joy and within 5 minutes, the crispiness was there again. Dip them on the gravy right away and oh boy! It hit the spot. It always hits the spot! Then I took a bite of the jolly spaghetti, closed my eyes and I just said, “it feels like I’m home!”.

I wish someone would franchise Jollibee in Portland. If that happens, everyday “bida ang saya!”

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