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Nurse to Entrepreneur

You will have to work 98,000 hours or more before you can decide to stop working for good or take 90 minutes and we will show you an option!

I’ve been an RN for a few years now and still love my job. However, I’ve had days where I wish I could just go home, sleep, and be with my kids. Be able to sleep in and not worry about alarm clock snoozing for the nth time. Continue reading “Nurse to Entrepreneur”

Considering Starting An Online Business From Home?

The past few months have been difficult. Our healthcare system and economy have bit hit hard with this pandemic. People lose their jobs and now thriving to survive the current situation. Continue reading “Considering Starting An Online Business From Home?”

An Online Business Like No Other – Check it out!

The number of people who are turning to social media to earn is growing. Nowadays, people are starting to leverage the digital world. And yeah, I am one of those people now. 🙂 Continue reading “An Online Business Like No Other – Check it out!”

Want To Work From Home And Start Your Own Online Business?

Hi! I posted here on my blog few weeks ago that I have an online business venture which is by the way far beyond amazing. I want to enjoy life and spend more time with family. Continue reading “Want To Work From Home And Start Your Own Online Business?”