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Pregnant Woman at Work

Being pregnant is not easy especially if you are working long hour shifts and you have to deal with morning sickness. That’s tough. This pregnancy is different from my first. Continue reading “Pregnant Woman at Work”


Had an Episiotomy? Here are some tips to help with your recovery

Alright mamas, you just gave birth and now you have incision down there that needs special care. Labor and giving birth are painful as well as episiotomy if you had a vaginal birth. Women who had epidural, they will not feel while the doctor do this but you will feel pain and sore down there on your post delivery day 1. Continue reading “Had an Episiotomy? Here are some tips to help with your recovery”

Top 5 Baby Registry Websites

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Congratulations on your journey to motherhood! Before giving birth, family and friends usually hold a baby shower for the mother. And so to help them, you need to set up a baby registry. In this way, they will know what you want and need for your baby. Continue reading “Top 5 Baby Registry Websites”