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Why We Decided To Buy A New House

We are a family of three as of now but soon we’ll become family of four. I love our house right now but our family is getting bigger thus we need a bigger space as well. The house we live in is 1,000 square feet with big front and backyard. I love the spacious yard but we also need a spacious indoor. Continue reading “Why We Decided To Buy A New House”


House Numerology, Do You Believe In Them?

So we’re looking into buying a house before baby number 2 arrives. I must say, house hunting/shopping is nice but also there’s some stress along with it. Some people have this certain requirements or beliefs before buying a house. Like, the house address should not have number 6 or the stairs is not facing south and so on. Continue reading “House Numerology, Do You Believe In Them?”

Our New Favorite Christmas Movie

Christmas is the time when I’ll see our favorite movies. For the non-animated ones, I love the Home Alone series. I don’t get tired watching those every year. And then my son and I discovered our new favorite animated holiday movie last year and it’s called “Arthur Christmas”. Continue reading “Our New Favorite Christmas Movie”