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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

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Father’s day is a special to celebrate fatherhood. Well, we should be honoring them every single day, right? But to make fatherhood extra special, we have a special day just for that. Continue reading “Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide”

Why We Decided To Buy A New House

We are a family of three as of now but soon we’ll become family of four. I love our house right now but our family is getting bigger thus we need a bigger space as well. The house we live in is 1,000 square feet with big front and backyard. I love the spacious yard but we also need a spacious indoor. Continue reading “Why We Decided To Buy A New House”

House Numerology, Do You Believe In Them?

So we’re looking into buying a house before baby number 2 arrives. I must say, house hunting/shopping is nice but also there’s some stress along with it. Some people have this certain requirements or beliefs before buying a house. Like, the house address should not have number 6 or the stairs is not facing south and so on. Continue reading “House Numerology, Do You Believe In Them?”