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MudBay: FUTY Award Voting 2018

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been slightly busy and now I am back! Anyways, just want to share with you guys that MudBay FUTY Award Voting for 2018 is now up! And I’m glad to say that our good friends have been nominated by Animal Aid Inc. – Bob & Vikki Obuhanych. Continue reading “MudBay: FUTY Award Voting 2018”


Having trouble remembering your passwords? You might want to try this

Do you have different passwords in every account you have? Sometimes you forget which password is for which account. It happens to me a Especially I always use my phone to check my emails and I am automatically logged in all the time so I really forget my passwords. Thus, password manager is the way to go. Continue reading “Having trouble remembering your passwords? You might want to try this”

Top 5 Movies That Made Me Cry A Bucket

My family and close friends know how such cry baby I am. Like I will be in tears watching a sad movie (mostly based on true to life stories) or just even watching touching videos. If the scene I am watching really touches me right into my inner soul then yeah, you would see me holding a tissue with tears and runny nose. They said I got it from my mom. lol Continue reading “Top 5 Movies That Made Me Cry A Bucket”