Category: Tanner’s Language Development

He Graduated From ABA Therapy

Two and a half years ago, my son was diagnosed with ASD. I could still remember the day when the doctor told us and it was such a heartbreaking moment. We were feeling uncertainties and worried about our son’s future. Continue reading “He Graduated From ABA Therapy”

Therapies Are Definitely Helping Him

It’s been two months already since my son was diagnosed with Autism and  yeah time flies so fast, right? He definitely improved a lot since. He is talking more and he can say a few 2 word syllables. He is pointing more and more but he still needs improvement on using one finger to use when pointing. Continue reading “Therapies Are Definitely Helping Him”

His First ABA Therapy Session

Today’s my son’s first ABA therapy session. It feels like sending him to school. We arrived at the clinic a couple of minutes late (traffic was really awful in the morning). So he met his therapist, he greeted him with a smile and he waved his hand and said hi. My son is definitely improving on eye contact especially if he’s saying bye or hi. Continue reading “His First ABA Therapy Session”