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Setting Up Screen Time Limit for My Toddler

It took me a while to decide whether to buy a tablet for my tablet. I was afraid that once I bought him one, he will be so into it that he probably would not want to spend time playing with his other toys or outside. But I was wrong. Continue reading “Setting Up Screen Time Limit for My Toddler”


My toddler’s quick trip to Emergency

My son has been sick since Wednesday, he was vomiting and has diarrhea (4 to 5 loose stools a day) and his stool is pale yellow. His has fair appetite, he looked like he lost weight and dehydrated and that worried me. So after work yesterday, I said to my husband, I needed to buy him some pedialyte and some food that he probably would like to try to eat. We dropped by at Walgreens and I bought pedialyte, pediasure (babnana flavor) and pretzels snacks sticks. Continue reading “My toddler’s quick trip to Emergency”