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Hawaii Trip Day 2

Aloha! Second day in Oahu and we were loving every second of it. First in our itinerary was to go to visit the Pearl Harbor. My husband was in the navy years ago and lived in Hawaii for a very short period of time but he told me he hasn’t been there before so we decided to check it out. Continue reading “Hawaii Trip Day 2”


Boracay’s New Look After Few Weeks of Rehabilitation

One of the top beaches in the Philippines closed its doors to local and foreign tourist on April 26. The President decided its closure to save the beautiful island from ruins. Some vacation goers were upset as they already scheduled their trip before the closure and had to change their plans at the last minute but hey the decision was for a great cause. Continue reading “Boracay’s New Look After Few Weeks of Rehabilitation”

Love Donuts? Grab your donut buddy and head to the Donut Trail

Have you dreamed about eating donuts whole the entire day or week? Or go on a tour and all you visit are just donut shops? Well, if you really love donuts that much and you are just close to Ohio and if you haven’t been to the donut trail, well this is the perfect time to do that. the Butler County has a sweet trail and it is not a one day thing, you can finish the trail at your own pace. Continue reading “Love Donuts? Grab your donut buddy and head to the Donut Trail”