He Graduated From ABA Therapy

Two and a half years ago, my son was diagnosed with ASD. I could still remember the day when the doctor told us and it was such a heartbreaking moment. We were feeling uncertainties and worried about our son’s future. Continue reading “He Graduated From ABA Therapy”

Considering Starting An Online Business From Home?

The past few months have been difficult. Our healthcare system and economy have bit hit hard with this pandemic. People lose their jobs and now thriving to survive the current situation. Continue reading “Considering Starting An Online Business From Home?”

Please Help Me Raise Money To Help The Victims Of The Taal Eruption

This is fundraising to help the victims in the affected areas in Batangas. My heart is breaking for my fellow countrymen as they are currently experiencing a major catastrophe event. The Taal volcano spewed ashes and the impending doom is just a matter of hours. Continue reading “Please Help Me Raise Money To Help The Victims Of The Taal Eruption”