Therapies Are Definitely Helping Him

It’s been two months already since my son was diagnosed with Autism andΒ  yeah time flies so fast, right? He definitely improved a lot since. He is talking more and he can say a few 2 word syllables. He is pointing more and more but he still needs improvement on using one finger to use when pointing. Continue reading “Therapies Are Definitely Helping Him”


Our New Favorite Christmas Movie

Christmas is the time when I’ll see our favorite movies. For the non-animated ones, I love the Home Alone series. I don’t get tired watching those every year. And then my son and I discovered our new favorite animated holiday movie last year and it’s called “Arthur Christmas”. Continue reading “Our New Favorite Christmas Movie”

The All-New Kindle Paperwhite

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I was using the 6″ kindle with no screen light which gives me a hard time reading at night. I ended up buying a book lamp so I can clip it to my kindle which works just fine. My husband just told me to get the kindle paperwhite so I don’t have to bring the book lamp all the time. Continue reading “The All-New Kindle Paperwhite”