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Cradle Cap and Baby Acne

My 3 week old little angel is doing great. He’s eating, peeing, pooping and sleeping. πŸ™‚ The two things though that bothers me a little bit (although I know it doesn’t bother him) are his baby acne and cradle cap which showed a week after he was born. Continue reading “Cradle Cap and Baby Acne”

Going Back To Work After Giving Birth

It is not easy to leave your newborn and go to work. Some parents have had separation anxiety. Parents become very attached to their babies because they rely on adults with everything, they are very dependent. Whether you will be gone just for few hours, the first time you will be away from your baby can be hard and very emotional. Continue reading “Going Back To Work After Giving Birth”

Why hearing screening for newborns matters

Babies starts hearing sounds before they are born. They communicate through sounds. That is why the universal hearing screening is very importantΒ  and is usually done on every infant before they leave the hospital. It is done so they could catch any hearing problems as early as possible and so it can be treated or managed sooner. This allows for the best possible outcome for the baby. Continue reading “Why hearing screening for newborns matters”