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Tanner’s Speech Update

It’s been while since I post an update regarding my son’s speech. As some of you know, my son had a delayed speech which propmted me to seek doctor’s advice and found out that he has autism last year.

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Tanner’s Speech Progress

It’s been awhile since I posted an update on my son’s speech therapy progress. To be honest, I already lost track updating my son’s speech here on my blog. But the good news is, Tanner is getting there. His speech therapist told me on Monday that he did 80% on following directions and just need to practice more on joint attention plays. Continue reading “Tanner’s Speech Progress”

Speech Therapy Days 3 & 4

Sorry for the late post. This a short and quick update.

There is nothing much to add about his speech therapy sessions. They told me that he’s still struggling on doing imitations. I’ve been reinforcing this at home but sometimes, when he is not into it, he really would not want to do it. It’s kind of frustrating sometimes. Continue reading “Speech Therapy Days 3 & 4”