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Speech Therapy Days 3 & 4

Sorry for the late post. This a short and quick update.

There is nothing much to add about his speech therapy sessions. They told me that he’s still struggling on doing imitations. I’ve been reinforcing this at home but sometimes, when he is not into it, he really would not want to do it. It’s kind of frustrating sometimes. Continue reading “Speech Therapy Days 3 & 4”

Commute with a toddler

Have you try commuting with your toddler without a carrier or a stroller? Well, I do. Before, I was hesitant to do it because I was worried that he would just like to be carried all the time. But since riding the bus and the max with a stroller (even the lightweight one) can be difficult sometimes especially if it’s rush hour. Continue reading “Commute with a toddler”

Tanner’s New Words

Hey guys! Just want to share with you that my toddler has spoken a new word. Yep, I am this happy because at his age he probably can say less than 10 words. Some of you probably already know that my son has a delay in speech and he is going to start seeing a speech therapist this month. So hearing him say new words is like just music in my ears.

Continue reading “Tanner’s New Words”