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San Diego Zoo Family Day

To begin this post, I would like to really say that I love San Diego Zoo. The first tme I went there with my husband was when I was pregnant with my first child. The next visit, we brought our son with us who was turning 2 at that time. Our recent visit was memorable since I am pregnant again with our second child plus my family from PH was here to see the zoo with us.

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Disneyland and California Adventure Fun 2019

My family came over to visit me here in Oregon and I decided to take them to Disneyland. My brother hasn’t been to Disneyland yet so I was excited for him. He is just a few years younger than me and I knew he would be thrilled to be there. Off to the happiest place on earth!

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Hawaii Trip Day 4

Day 4 was for Kualoa Ranch. I purchased our ticket for the movie site tour at a discounted price (which was around almost $5.00 off per ticket). I called 2 days before to schedule the tour and unfortunately for that day they didn’t have slots available in the morning so I picked the 12:15pm. Continue reading “Hawaii Trip Day 4”

Hawaii Trip Day 3

Our day 3 was not that fun. To start of, our rental car was towed and had to pay $200+. My husband didn’t noticed the sign so yeah, the next morning we found out the car was not there anymore. The original plan was to go to Sea Life Park but at the last minute I changed the itinerary for the day. Continue reading “Hawaii Trip Day 3”