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Learn How You Can Earn Online

Few weeks ago, I came across this facebook ad. I was hesitant and skeptical at first to click the it but I am thankful that I did. This opportunity is like no other and the system in this business really works Continue reading “Learn How You Can Earn Online”

Going Back To Work After Giving Birth

It is not easy to leave your newborn and go to work. Some parents have had separation anxiety. Parents become very attached to their babies because they rely on adults with everything, they are very dependent. Whether you will be gone just for few hours, the first time you will be away from your baby can be hard and very emotional. Continue reading “Going Back To Work After Giving Birth”

What To Do When You Are Having A Rough Day At Work

There are some days at any workplace that you feel like you just want to give up or you are losing your patience or you are just totally having a rough day that nothing seems to work right. It is when you feel like you are drained and could not function right at all. Some of us can deal this kind of situation really easy and some are not. It is how we cope up with the conundrums that we face that makes us stronger, fiercer, braver and smarter.

Continue reading “What To Do When You Are Having A Rough Day At Work”

What does coffee means to a working mom?

I know a lot of people who are really heavy coffee drinker. They love the aroma andΒ  good effects it bring to their body. But I know a few who doesn’t like it and would rather settle for a bag of tea.

Coffee has some good and bad effects in your body. Taking too much is definitely not good. It can trigger migraine, causes anxiety, agitation, insomnia, etc. On the good side though, caffeine is an antioxidant which helps improves mood, stops headaches, reduce risk of type 2 diabetes and some believe that it helps prevent certain type of cancer. I heard on a podcast that black coffee is the best for your health because it is really pure coffee, about 2 cups a day. But I cant drink black coffee, it is just too bitter for me. The frappuccinos though, it has caffeine in it but has too much dairy and sugar.

I am really not a morning person but I do have a day job. I think I’m getting use to it now. I am not a big fan of coffee but I drink some once in a while. Waking up early in the morning prepping myself for a 12 hour shift, oh boy I need something to wake me up.

So at work, once I got settled, I would grab a cup of coffee with 2 non-dairy creamers and 2 sugars. Sometimes, I don’t even finish the whole cup. I have low tolerance to caffeine, so I get dizzy sometimes if I’m drinking too much. But with chocolates, that does not seem to cause any of that at all. Also, it makes me go to the bathroom a lot. That’s also why I don’t drink that if I’m onto a long car ride. But yeah, coffee in the morning really helps me get through the day. Oftentimes, I’ll have a second cup during mid afternoon. Once the caffeine kicks in, it just wakes up every nerve in my body. lol I am wide awake and I feel recharged. Fresh brewed coffee is always nice.